Palmer to Chelsea is an 'absolute travesty'

Your Views
Your Views

We asked what you made of Manchester City selling Cole Palmer to Chelsea.

Here are some of your thoughts:

Peter: I'm very disappointed with City letting Cole Palmer go. The player himself wants more game time - surely that was more likely at City then Chelsea?

Sean: A real shame to see him go. So many talented young players have gone to Chelsea and disappeared. He is unlikely to get more game time at Chelsea than he was at City, but I wish him the best of luck for the future. From a City perspective, great business especially for a player who has clearly had his head turned. Remember Daniel Sturridge?

Scott: Cole will leave City with our good wishes and thanks. At this point in his career, aged 21, he has decided to do what is best for him, and his future. As players leave the academy, we do make sure there is future provision for the club, payments and options. Of course, as fans, we would liked to have seen him stay. Sometimes you have to let them go.

Steve: This is an absolute travesty. A young product of the academy and one of the best under-21 players in the country has been sold to what potentially could be a Premier League rival. I’m sure people will side with Pep Guardiola‘s long-term view - however, I don’t.

Sune: Who does this Cole Palmer deal make sense for? Chelsea already have Sterling in fine form. So do they need him? Does Palmer believe he’ll be closer to the starting line-up at Chelsea? City get paid a good price for a third or fourth-choice winger. We did it with Sterling and Jesus as well, so looks like City aren’t afraid to better their competitors.