'Made my day': Pakistan's heartwarming act for taxi driver

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Five members of Pakistan’s Test team made the day of a friendly cab driver during the first Test at the Gabba, according to the ABC.

ABC broadcaster Alison Mitchell, on the radio during the fourth and final day of Australia’s victory over the visiting Pakistan, told an anecdote about the taxi driver who had ferried her and some colleagues from their hotel to the ground on Sunday.

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Earlier in the match, according to Mitchell, the same driver had picked up five of Pakistan’s players, including Naseem Shah, Shaheen Afridi and Yasir Shah.

Thrilled to have a group of Test cricketers in his cab, the driver apparently insisted their trip to a restaurant for dinner would be his shout.

Touched by the driver’s gesture, the Pakistan quintet then invited the man to join them at the team’s dinner that night - which he did, showing pictures of the group together to Mitchell when he picked her up a few days later.

The Pakistan Test team has won praise, after a stpry of them shouting an Indian cab driver dinner was told by the ABC's cricket commentator Alison Mitchell. (Photo by Jono Searle - CA/Cricket Australia via Getty Images)

“So a taxi driver, who was in fact Indian, he said to us ‘are you at the cricket, are you watching or working?’” Mitchell said.

“We said ‘oh yeah, we work in commentary’ and he got very excited.

“So a couple of days ago, he was called to the Pakistan team hotel. He picked up five of the players.

“Because he’s a cricket fan he’s delighted to have members of the Pakistan team in his taxi, and they wanted to go for a meal at an Indian restaurant and he drove them, took them to an Indian restaurant.

“When they got out of the car he said ‘it’s on me, don’t give me any money.’

“In return, the players, which included Yasir Shah, Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah, said ‘if you’re going to give us a ride for free, come in and we’ll shout you dinner.’

“And he’s showing us this photo of him at a table at the restaurant with five members of the Pakistan test team.”

Mitchell wasn’t the only one to take solace in the story - plenty of fans on social media were thrilled to see the sport bring people together in such a way.