Over 109 million people watched the NFL during Week 1

The numbers are in, and the NFL is more popular than ever. Over 109 million people watched the NFL in Week 1.

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Aside from 109 million being a staggering figure, the number also presents a solid increase in viewership compared to last season. Viewership was up 5 percent in Week 1 compared to last year. The streaming numbers were even better, with the NFL seeing a 43 percent increase in streaming viewership compared to 2018.

The Dallas Cowboys proved to be the biggest winner for the league. The Cowboys’ win over the New York Giants turned in the biggest ratings of Week 1, with 23.9 million viewers. The Green Bay Packers beating the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots’ win over the Pittsburgh Steelers tied for second, each bringing in 22.2 million viewers.

The NFL also tracked a few other interesting tidbits about Week 1, which include:

  • Over 90 touchdowns were scored in Week 1, the highest total ever to start a season.

  • Tom Brady’s demise — at least in fantasy — has been oversold. After a huge performance against the Steelers, Brady had the best-selling jersey during Week 1.

  • The incredible Houston Texans-New Orleans Saints game produced the second-most social media interactions of the week. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering the tense, back-and-forth nature of the game and its wild ending.

To sum it all up: The NFL remains the king when it comes to ratings. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone.


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