Oscars ends with Messi the dog peeing on Matt Damon's Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Oscars ends with Messi the dog peeing on Matt Damon's Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Jimmy Kimmel continued his joke feud with "Oppenheimer" actor Matt Damon at the end of the ABC telecast.

Messi — the goodest widdle boy who attended the 2024 Oscars as the most important dog in the room — not only starred in the Academy Award-winning film Anatomy of a Fall, he also closed out the show as the lead actor in Jimmy Kimmel's latest prank against his long-standing frenemy Matt Damon.

After Kimmel concluded the broadcast at the Dolby Theatre, the camera cut to a shot of the seven-year-old border collie lifting his leg to pee on the Oppenheimer actor's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Shortly after lifting his leg, Messi ran out of frame, and the telecast officially concluded.

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Messi the dog

Kimmel and Damon have engaged in a playful "feud" for nearly 20 years, with the former regularly closing his Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show by apologizing to Damon and telling his audience that he didn't have enough time to get to an interview with the actor.

Messi made headlines earlier in the show when he took his seat inside the Academy Awards venue as the year's only canine with a designated chair.

Later in the show, the Oscars showed a brief shot of Messi sitting among the crowd as a pair of fake dog paws lifted into the frame to make it seem as if he was clapping alongside other attendees.

After becoming a breakout star on the awards circuit, Messi's presence was a good luck charm for the Anatomy of a Fall team, as director Justine Triet and writer Arthur Harari won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for their work on the French drama.

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