OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: World’s first AI ballet...but can it Plié?

Leipzig International Ballet   ( Ida Zenna )
Leipzig International Ballet ( Ida Zenna )

A German ballet company’s using artificial intelligence software and custom data sets to help creative concepts for a novel new production.

Tech & Science Daily podcast speaks with east London musician Harry Yeff, who’s directed and composed the show called Fusion for Leipzig Ballet at the city’s opera house.

Yeff explains how he deployed a neural network that never needed a coffee break to assist with music and set design.

Brazil’s government declares a six-month state of animal health emergency after its first detection of the highly virulent avian influenza in wild birds.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s Health Ministry said over the weekend that samples of 33 suspected cases of bird flu in humans came back negative.

A fake AI image that went viral purporting to show an explosion near the Pentagon caused a brief S&P 500 dip.

However, actual humans at the Arlington Fire Department debunked the picture, saying there was no blast or incident.

Plus, 2100 humanity climate warning, study of F1 drivers’ blink rate, galaxy built around supermassive black hole and alien language decoding test.

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