OPINION - How to discover new artists (live from the Evening Standard Art Prize): The Leader podcast

 (Lucy Young)
(Lucy Young)

Recorded live from the Evening Standard Art Prize announcement at Cromwell place. We talk to the winner of the competition, Iman Sidonie-Samuels and CEO & Artistic Director of Cromwell Place, Helen Nisbet, who was also the head judge. We also talk to Frédéric Malle, the perfume publisher who supported the event, about his own art collection and what he believes its true value is.

Iman Sidonie-Samuels won for her work 3049 Calls, 19,401 Minutes, made from 81 paper phone bills collected from her grandmother’s house in St Lucia. Work by all 12 shortlisted artists will be displayed at Cromwell Place until Sunday 10th of September.

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