OPINION - Defence Secretary Wallace’s successor & Ukraine ‘super drones’: The Leader podcast

 ( (AP Photo))
( (AP Photo))

This episode of the Leader podcast examines Ukraine’s long-range drone war penetrating deep inside Russian territory - both in the air and underwater.

But first, there’s more on Rishi Sunak’s mini cabinet reshuffle and Energy Secretary Grant Shapps being parachuted into the Ministry of Defence.

The former six-day Home Secretary replaces Ben Wallace, who was the longest serving defence chief of this latest Conservative government, having worked under three prime ministers.

Wallace was also earlier running to become the next Nato chief, but reportedly unable to secure enough backing from allies for the top job and pulled out of the race.

So, what will Shapps find in his in-tray at the MoD?We’re joined by Professor Tim Willasey-Wilsey, visiting professor of war studies at King’s College London, to discuss what the appointment means for British defence strategy.

In part two, Professor Willasey-Wilsey tells us about his research trip to Ukraine where he met commanders in charge of the programme for building vast squadrons of unmanned aerial vehicles to bomb Russian targets.

They include ‘Beaver’ drones with ranges of over 600 miles, which are kamikaze UAVs of the kind reportedly flown to hit Moscow.

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