OneCrown administrator discovered sacking via radio

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Mick Tsikas/AAP PHOTOS

An administrator handling the troubled NSW cemetery sector says she discovered she had been sacked after receiving a phone call from a radio producer.

Last month the NSW government announced it would amalgamate three crown cemetery managers into a single entity, as Sydney faces a critical shortage of burial space following long-running mismanagement issues in the funeral sector.

As part of the overhaul, Lands and Property Minister Steve Kamper said the former chief executive of the Property Council Ken Morrison had been appointed new administrator of the entity on Tuesday.

In the same release, Mr Kamper thanked Lee Shearer, the former administrator, for her work, saying she had "led OneCrown through tough times of indecision and has been a fierce advocate for action and a champion for OneCrown's frontline staff who do an incredible job".

But Ms Shearer said she had not been told she was removed from the position, instead discovering the news via a phone call from a 2GB radio producer.

"I had no idea someone else had been appointed," Ms Shearer told 2GB on Tuesday.

"I've found out this morning.

"It's pretty undignified.

"I really don't know that it bodes well for a government, honestly, with integrity and connection to people."

Previously, the government announced it would search for a new administrator, and Ms Shearer was encouraged to reapply.

The media release announcing Ms Shearer's departure had been sent out early by mistake, Mr Kamper later said, apologising to Ms Shearer.

"It happened," he said.

"I've called Lee and I've apologised to Lee and I apologise for that having occurred."

The error was a sign of ongoing incompetence from Mr Kamper, Opposition Leader Mark Speakman said on Tuesday.

"I think with respect to Mr Kamper, he's floundering in question time," Mr Speakman told reporters.

"It's a matter of basic courtesy and decency to pick up the phone and tell someone that their contract is not being renewed before you issue a press release."