Could Scotland have 200,000 Tartan Army fans at the Euros?

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The streets of Munich are relatively quiet in May and this year is no different.

Around the famous Marienplatz, tourists still look up as the famous town hall Glockenspiel chimes on the hour.

But there is little obvious evidence of the upcoming match that everyone in Scotland is talking about.

No banners, no bunting and no posters.

Scratch beneath the surface though and you can sense that something big is coming to the Bavarian capital.

Steve Clarke’s side kick off Euro 2024 with a game against the hosts on 14 June and as Scotland fans make last minute travel plans, Munich is quietly preparing.

The big question is just how many fans will actually travel?

Munich's historic streets are quieter in at this time of year [Getty Images]

Officially, Scotland have 10,000 fans for each of their three group matches but many more will travel just to soak up the atmosphere.

“We are estimating that 500,000 fans will travel from the UK and up to 200,000 could be Scotland fans,” said the British consulate in Munich, Mark Dittmer-Odell.

Those who have tried to book flights or hotels recently won’t be surprised by the figure. It has become increasingly difficult to find accommodation in and around Munich but for those who have managed there are some suggestions about making it hassle free.

Mark Dittmer-Odell, British consulate in Munich
Mark Dittmer-Odell estimates up to 200,000 Scotland fans could head to Germany [BBC]

“I think the first thing to say for anyone coming, with a ticket or not, is plan your stay ahead. You might not be able to get yourself accommodation on the fly,” said Mr Dittmer-Odell.

“The second thing we would always say is be aware of cultural sensitivities. We would say that for anyone travelling.

“The final thing, and we are realistic about this, is we know people will want to come here and have a drink - the beer is Bavaria is world famous, but please drink in moderation.”

The Tartan Army are sure to take some of his advice but you can probably guess which they’ll take with a pinch of schnapps.

There are more than 1,200 bars across Munich and some who don’t have big screens are ordering them in along with the extra barrels of beer.

“Of course we are famous for our beer but I’m certain there is no way we will run out,” said barmaid Chiara Porcello from the Lowenbraukeller.

She is clutching four huge glasses of frothy German beer and boasts she can actually manage six.

“I don’t really know too much about Scotland, maybe only the Loch Ness monster but I know you guys also like to drink beer.”

Asked if she think Scots drink more beer than Germans, she replied “maybe we will have to have a competition!”

Chiara Porcello
Barmaid Chiara Porcello says she knows Scots like a drink [BBC]

One Munich resident who knows everything about Scotland is Robert Ross from Kirkcaldy.

The 70-year-old has just retired after many years playing the French horn in the Munich orchestra.

He arrives to chat, clutching a saltire flag that his dad rescued from British legion in Kirkcaldy.

He seems as proud to show off his fellow Scots in Munich this summer as he is to show off his adopted homeland to those who are coming for the party.

“I’ve been here all these years and even when the Germans get beat they have a party,” he said.

“The Scots are really respected here because most Germans have been to Scotland. The weather is great, the transport is amazing and they have the best beer in the world.

“I’m so excited - come and join the party.”

If estimates are to be believed, 200,000 will do exactly that.

Foreign Office advice for anyone planning on travelling to the tournament is available here.