The One Dish Martha Stewart Never Buys From The Grocery Store

Martha Stewart smiling
Martha Stewart smiling - Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Martha Stewart is all about making entertaining and cooking truly accessible through her DIY approach, but if you are strolling through the supermarket Stewart frequents, don't expect to find her near the baked goods. The media mogul told The Kitchn, "I would never buy a dessert, ever, because homemade desserts are infinitely better." Brownies, cookies, ice cream, pastries, and cakes -- Stewart lamented that all desserts taste better when they are made with your own two hands.

One dessert Stewart is especially passionate about making by hand is pie, whether it be pecan pie, apple pie, key lime pie, or any other. She explained, "Don't have pie if you don't make it yourself. I'm very strict about things like that. Don't have pie unless you know how to make a pie — you better learn."  She also cautions against experimenting on your guests and instead encourages would-be pie makers to practice before they make it to serve to guests.

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You're In Control

Pound cake with fruits and flowers
Pound cake with fruits and flowers - Svitlana Denysiuk/Shutterstock

This homemade dessert stance is very on-brand for Stewart. Even when she created her own company, she made everything from scratch. In fact, all of her homemade recipes turned into a compilation for her first cookbook. When it comes to desserts, Stewart's favorites include her daughter's brown sugar chocolate chip cookies, which are crisp and flat, as well as her mile-high apple pie, which uses three different types of apples.

Baking from scratch isn't only better in the taste department, it also gives you more control over customization and the quality of the ingredients you use. Moreover, grocery stores are about volume -- they churn out a lot of cakes and cookies in large quantities. The type of love and attention that is needed when you create a sweet treat of your own cannot be replicated by most big chains. Buying baked goods at the grocery store may save you time and stress, but if you have an extra hour to whip something up, your guests will definitely taste the difference.

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