Oliver Stone Says Ryan Gosling Is “Wasting His Time” Making Films Like ‘Barbie’ That Contribute To “Infantilization Of Hollywood”; Says He “Fell Asleep” Watching ‘John Wick’

Oliver Stone has a lot of opinions about the current film industry and says movies like Barbie are contributing to the “infantilization of Hollywood.”

In an interview from June 2023, the filmmaker suggested Ryan Gosling shouldn’t have been involved in the Greta Gerwig film and instead focus on “more serious films.”

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“Ryan Gosling is wasting his time if he’s doing that shit for money. He should be doing more serious films. He shouldn’t be a part of this infantilization of Hollywood. Now it’s all fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, including all the war pictures: fantasy, fantasy,” Oliver said in an interview with City AM.

UPDATE: Oliver Stone Clears Up Resurfaced ‘Barbie’ Comments: “I Apologize For Speaking Ignorantly”

Stone took a shot at the Fast and Furious franchise as well, saying that he used to enjoy the films, but recently, they “have become like Marvel movies. I mean, how many crashes can you see?”

During the same interview, Stone also expressed his opinions on John Wick, the Keanu Reeves-starring franchise.

“On the plane I watched John Wick, which is three hours and some. And I fell asleep about 778 times during it,” he revealed. “I kept waking up and having to face him killing more people. It’s like the world has degenerated into non-logic.”

The John Wick series of films has been directed by Chad Stahelski, with 2023’s Chapter 4 written by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch.

Stone has four Oscars, including for Best Adapted Screenplay for Midnight Express and for Best Director for Born on the Fourth of July. Stone’s latest film was a documentary titled Nuclear Now, which makes a case for nuclear energy as a solution needed to fight climate change.

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