Officer Rides Spooked Horse Back to Owner in Burbank, California

A police officer in Burbank, California, rode a spooked horse back to is owner on Tuesday, May 23, after a nearby resident had reported the loose horse was “riding frantically down the street,” the Burbank Police Department said.

When the officers responded to the incident, they found the spotted horse grazing on a street sidewalk, a picture shows. One of the responding officers, Nicolas Moreno, was familiar with horses and decided to mount it and ride it back to its owner, the police said. The owner explained his horse Oreo had gotten spooked and run off, according to the police.

This footage shows the moment Moreno rides the horse through the Burbank streets during the early hours of Tuesday. Oreo was safely reunited with its owner, police said. Credit: City of Burbank via Storyful

Video transcript