Odell Beckham Jr. handing out wads of cash to LSU players is one of the best celebrations ever

The LSU Tigers stand alone at the top of college football after beating Clemson 42-25 in the national championship game on Monday night, and once the clock ran out there was an absolute explosion of joy and happiness.

Few people were happier than former LSU player (and current wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns) Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ was at the game and loved every single minute of it, and even found a phenomenal way to celebrate once the game was over: He whipped out what appeared to be a wad of cash and started handing money to players on the field.

It’s hard to tell in that video if it’s real money, but apparently it’s not. An official from LSU Athletics told the Advocate that the money was fake. Would it have been better with real money? Absolutely. Would that have violated NCAA rules? Also absolutely! Either way, it’s still one of the most baller ways to celebrate your alma mater winning a title. Money for everyone!

OBJ didn’t just hand out (fake) cash, though. He celebrated at every opportunity.

Here he is being kicked out of the LSU band section.

And yet he wasn’t done. He danced with players in the locker room, and joked about selling Justin Jefferson’s cleats for a cool $200,000.

OBJ wasn’t the only one celebrating, of course. The team and the entire region let it all hang out after LSU’s victory. QB Joe Burrow smoked a well-earned cigar, everyone danced, and the players were greeted like members of a boy band.

LSU fans on Bourbon Street in New Orleans obviously had an amazing time.

A bar in Burrow’s hometown of Athens, Ohio, went absolutely crazy after LSU nailed down the win.

How will LSU coach Ed Orgeron celebrate? With a ham sandwich.

Classic Coach O.

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