Odd Eye Circle On Their Latest EP, "Version Up"

What comes next after being in the explosive girl group Loona? Odd Eye Circle is here to show that members JinSoul, Kim Lip, and Choerry are here to stay and are beginning a whole new chapter.

A closeup of Odd Eye Circle

1.Introduce yourself to readers who are meeting you for the first time!

2.Your latest EP release, Version Up, is the first release since you parted ways with your previous agency. What do you hope to convey with this new beginning?

3.Which song from this album do you feel resonates with each of you the most and why?

4. Is there any unreleased material from the past that you’re keen to share as Odd Eye Circle? If so, are there any hints you can share about this with us?

Modhaus / Via Twitter: @official_artms

JinSoul: I think we focused mostly on trying to express our individual personalities and characters this time, especially in terms of our performances and our vocal skills.

5.You recently went on tour in Europe, if you had to tell us your favorite thing about each city, what have they been and why?

6. How did it feel hitting the stage again after a long time?

Modhaus / Via Twitter: @official_artms

Choerry: At first, I was scared and worried when thinking about hitting the stage again after a long time, but looking at the fans enjoying themselves watching us perform really made us happy. Also, I got to enjoy being on stage more and more over time, along with all the people who truly love us.

7.As you embark on this new chapter, what are you most looking forward to?

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JinSoul: Since I personally love Odd Eye Circle’s songs, I am looking forward to trying different types of music and performing in different genres.


8.A new chapter means a lot of changes. How do you feel you’ve changed throughout this process?

9.What are your goals for ARTMS and Odd Eye Circle?

10.Are there any concepts in the future that you’d love to try out?

11.How do you plan on honoring and continuing Loona's legacy?

12. How do you feel your bond has developed since coming together and bringing new music to the world?

Modhaus / Via Twitter: @official_artms

JinSoul: The group’s bond has reached the stage where all the members know everything about each other just by looking at each other’s facial expressions or listening to each other’s voice. This bond has also helped us to work smoothly together.

13.Do you have a message to Orbit, new fans, and our readers?

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Kim Lip: Thank you for always supporting us. We will be back with another great album and performances. Thank you!


14. What does K-pop mean to you?

Modhaus / Via Twitter: @official_artms

Choerry: I am so proud of K-pop and I would like to promote this genre around the globe more. As an artist from South Korea, I take pride in K-pop culture and I will do my very best to move forward!

Thanks for chatting with us Odd Eye Circle! Their latest EP, Version Up, is out now so be sure to check it out.

You can stay up to date with Odd Eye Circle at their Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels.