What “The Nun II” post-credits scene means for the “Conjuring” universe

What “The Nun II” post-credits scene means for the “Conjuring” universe

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Nun II.

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. That seems to be the big takeaway from the post-credits scene of the just-released The Nun II, the latest entry in the Conjuring universe of films.

In director Michael Chaves' 1950s-set horror sequel, Jonas Bloquet's character Maurice is possessed by the spirit of the Demon Nun until, with the help of Taissa Farmiga's Sister Irene, he finally rids himself of this evil presence at the film's end... or does he?

In the post-credits sequence, we are transported to the house of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Taissa's sister Vera Farmiga, the protagonists of 2013's The Conjuring and its two immediate sequels. Ed is informed that Father Gordon (a priest played in the Conjuring universe by Steve Coulter) is calling and has an emergency. Ed shares a knowing look with Lorraine and then speaks into the phone. "Yes, father," he says. "How can we help?"

The Nun 2
The Nun 2

Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Nun II'

Given the sequence's placement at the end of The Nun II, the obvious implication is that Gordon is calling about Maurice and that his case will feature in the upcoming fourth Conjuring film, The Conjuring: Last Rites.

"This is going to be that final chapter, so it is a little bit of a tease of that," Chaves confirms to EW.

If, as is rumored, Last Rites turns out to be the final film in the franchise to feature the Warrens, it is fitting, and maybe inevitable, that the pair should be tackling the case of Maurice. The character was introduced way back in the first Conjuring movie, then played by Christof Veillon, via footage shown by the paranormal investigators at a lecture. That moment was also featured at the end of 2018's Corin Hardy-directed The Nun, with Bloquet now portraying the role.

"I think what makes this film so cool, makes The Nun so cool, is that, from the very beginning, the possession of Maurice was one of these center point elements in the Conjuring universe," Chaves says. "It was in the first Conjuring, it's definitely a pivotal event in the entire universe."

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in 'The Conjuring'
Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in 'The Conjuring'

New Line/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in 'The Conjuring'

The Nun II reveals that Sister Irene is a descendant of Saint Lucy, a martyr whose eyes have become a holy relic sought after by fallen angel Valak, who controls the Demon Nun. The film also strongly suggests that Lorraine Warren comes from the same lineage. This connection to Saint Lucy explains Irene and Lorraine's physical similarity and their supernatural abilities while further teasing the possibility of the pair appearing together in Last Rites.

"The Conjuring movies always have this element of family in it and they explore it in different ways," says Chaves, who directed Vera Farmiga in 2021's The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. "The sisters weren't on set together, but they love being connected in this universe, and I think it tells a deeper family story."

There has been no official announcement about who will direct The Conjuring: Last Rites. When asked if he would be interested in making one more movie in the Conjuring universe, Chaves deflects the question.

"I would say I love the Conjuring universe and I'm always a fan," he says. "I don't know. To be determined!"

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