7th Tackle: Inside the Bulldogs fan forum

No topic was off limits at Canterbury Leagues Club on Tuesday night, when 300 members grilled four of the organisation’s top dogs.

Chairman Ray Dib, CEO Raelene Castle, coach Des Hasler and senior forward Aiden Tolman faced the firing squad.


The team’s playing style was a major talking point, with Hasler forced to justify his philosophies in great detail.

He made no apologies for concentrating on defence and possession.

Klemmer. Pic: Getty
Klemmer. Pic: Getty

He made constant reference to statistics to back-up his arguments, even explaining why Canterbury have employed short goal-line drop-outs this year.

Apparently it’s because opposition teams don’t score as many tries starting their sets in the Bulldogs’ 20-metre zone.

Player movement was another hot topic. Fans were assured that captain James Graham and Tolman would be at the club next year.

No other names were mentioned, leaving doubt over the futures of Greg Eastwood and the Morris twins.

Only pre-approved questions submitted previously by email were answered during the first hour.

Dib then opened the floor for another 90 minutes to allow those in attendance to continue the inquisition.

The feedback we’ve had is overwhelmingly positive, with fans welcoming the rare display of transparency.