Embarrassing new footage emerges in NRL grand final debacle

Footage has emerged of the moment NRL CEO Todd Greenberg appears to tell presenter James Bracey at the last-minute there would be a change in the Clive Churchill medal winner.

Roosters fans showed their displeasure when Jack Wighton was named Clive Churchill medallist, showering the Canberra eighth with boos as he made his way onto the presentation podium.

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But in a stunning twist revealed on Monday, Roosters prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was told by an unknown official before the presentation that he was receiving the medal.

Now footage has emerged of the moment Greenberg is told Wighton would be winning the medal, not JWH.

This was due to a reported technical difficulty, which resulted in a delay to Darren Lockyer’s votes being tallied up alongside the other two judges.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg appears to tells James Bracey the Clive Churchill medal winner had changed. (Image: Channel Nine)

In the video, it appears Greenberg is told Wighton would win the accolade and he quickly walks up to presenter Bracey and makes him aware of the late change.

Greenberg then appears to tell Joyce Churchill, Luke Ricketson and Brad Clyde.

Despite the monumental mix-up, ARL Commission chairman Peter Beattie was adamant the right person won the award.

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"There was a process, the process was going on, the person who won frankly was the one who should have won," ARL Commission chairman Peter Beattie said.

"The vote was being counted, there were some people who thought they knew what was going on who didn't. That's the bottom line.

"When all the votes were counted Jack won. That's it."

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