'Embarrassed': Erin Molan hospitalised after 'serious' incident at home

Erin Molan has spend the week in hospital after breaking her arm and another bone in her hand in a fall at her home.

Channel Nine on Sunday revealed Molan was walking down some stairs to get a bottle for daughter Eliza in the middle of the night when she fell.

NEW TWIST: Andrew Johns and Erin Molan kept apart at NRL grand final

She broke her arm and another bone in her hand, reportedly requiring surgery.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Molan returned to work this week after spending nine days in hospital.

Erin Molan in action for Channel Nine. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

She rang into her own 2GB radio program on Sunday night to confirm the news, which was also discussed on Nine News in Sydney.

“Our best wishes go out to Erin Molan,” Nine sport presenter Cameron Williams said on air.

“Erin has spent the past 10 days in hospital with bad breaks to her arm and hand after falling down stairs as she was getting a bottle.

“Thankfully she’s now resting at home.”

Peter Overton said he’d spoken with Molan, who was: “Chirpy, but very sore”.

Molan told 2GB she suffered “one of the more painful breaks you can do”.

“It doesn’t sit well with me on any level, not being able to work, but it was a much needed rest, advised by doctors, and a fair stint in hospital as well,” she said.

“It’s fairly painful. It’s one of the more painful breaks you can do, but my attitude is always that it could have been so much worse. I live another day so, hooray.

“I’ve broken the arm bone off entirely.”

Molan and Johns saga

The scare comes amid reports that Channel Nine are using Molan less and less after her falling out with Andrew Johns was made public.

“The boys club dominated the coverage on the NRL grand final night,” the Sunday Telegraph quoted an ‘insider’.

“There is no doubt Nine’s main female sports broadcaster is being sidelined.”

Johns and Molan were kept apart during Channel Nine’s coverage of the NRL grand final as the saga surrounding their reported feud continued.

It was the latest twist in the ugly saga, which saw Molan cop some shocking criticism from rugby league fans after reports Johns quit his role on Friday night footy after falling out with Molan.

Johns started the 2019 season on Friday night footy alongside Molan, before disappearing midway through the year.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Johns walked away because of an ‘awkward’ rift with Molan.