Coach fires back at Andrew Bogut over ugly footy swipe

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Former Penrith coach Anthony Griffin has hit out at NBL star Andrew Bogut for his dig at the NRL over the handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Sydney Kings star Bogut criticised the NBL claiming it had done a poor job in listening to players’ concerns prior to the grand finals being cancelled.

The Kings were down 2-1 to the Perth Wildcats in the best of five series when, due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), it was decided to abandon the remaining games.

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But he then turned his attention to footy, describing the decisions by the AFL and the NRL to continue matches behind closed doors as "questionable".

"The thing that I laugh about at the AFL is that everything to do with something social, they're involved with. This is a prime example, yet they have 100-plus people travelling around Australia, playing games. The NRL is the same,” he said.

But Griffin, who also coached Brisbane, hit back at Bogut.

Former NRL coach Anthony Griffin has hit back at Andrew Bogut (pictured). (Getty Images)

“Maybe he should spend some time with the NZ Warriors to get some inspiration on resilience,” he said.

“It tough times it’s a lot easier to quit.”

Griffin was referring to the Warriors’ “unbelievable sacrifice” to remain in Australia away from their families to play NRL.

Bogut slams NBL

While not at all fussed by the result of the championship, in a Friday morning press conference Bogut said the league had done a poor job in listening to players’ concerns prior to the grand finals being cancelled.

“There’s a lot of half-truths throughout this whole process,” Bogut said.

“It’s hugely disappointing for any professional athlete to have to make the decision that we made. But, to me, what’s more disappointing is the way the NBL’s handled this, and that’s got nothing to do with them picking Perth as a winner.

“To me there are three things about the way any organisation handles thing: proactively, being reactive, and then doing things retroactively.

“The retroactive aspect (from the NBL) has been a 10/10, the proactive stuff has been honestly a 1, and reactive about a 5.

“Seemed like it was blocking your ears out to everything outside.

“Outside the Kings brass it was a case of ‘la la la la la’.

“This isn’t about going back and forward with Perth.”