NRL close in on concussion call for 11-day stand down

The NRL will decide this week whether to enforce a mandatory 11-day stand down for concussed players, as the league weighs up whether all diagnoses should fit under a blanket rule.

Under the NRL's current policy, players are able to run out in the week after a concussion provided they obtain clearance from an independent specialist.

In a change to protocols being considered by the Australian Rugby League Commission that exemption could be removed, with all players automatically ruled out for 11 days after being diagnosed.

The issue has split coaches, with Dolphins mentor Wayne Bennett warning against a one-size-fits-all rule for concussions.

ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys indicated on Saturday that remained a possibility, ahead of key meetings in the next week.

"The commission is meeting next week to look at the stand-down period, to look how we will treat it and what sort of concussions will be used," V'landys told the Continuous Call Team.

"There are different types of head injuries and we have to classify them. Every one is different.

"Next week we will make some announcements in relation to stand-down periods.

"This has come from experts in the field. Neurologists and sports physicians and doctors. And we will take their advice."

Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson on Friday backed the call for mandatory stand down, reasoning anything that bought players more time could not be a bad thing.

However Bennett was adamant flexibility should be at the centre of any changes made by the NRL, backing the ability of an independent specialist to allow players to return sooner.

"I wouldn't like to see that go out the door," the Dolphins coach said.

"Some (concussions) are worse than others. I am qualified enough to tell you that much. There needs to be a bit of flexibility there.

"We've got to have a bit of flexibility about whether they should come back on or have less days (out of action) depending on the grading of the concussion.

"That's the key to it. Have a grading system and work from there."