'You blokes piss off': A trip down memory lane of NRL radio wars

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Triple M and NRL reporter Paul Kent (pictured left) and Anthony Maroon (pictured right) talking on air.
Triple M's NRL presenters Paul Kent (pictured left) and Anthony Maroon (pictured right) have made headlines for an on-air blow up. (Images: Triple M)


Things got that heated between Greg "Hollywood" Hartley and Peter "Zorba" Peters in the 2GB radio box during the 1995 grand final, police crashed through the door to break up what they thought was a full-on blue.

"We were arguing about the (Jim Dymock) forward pass and getting pretty worked up," Peters told Yahoo Sport Australia.

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"The radio box was divided half blue and white and half maroon and white and he was arguing the pass was okay and I was saying it most definitely wasn't.

"The crowd in front of us had their radios on and were turned around looking at us, wondering what was going to happen next.

"I poured a jug of water on Hartley to cool him down and that's when the cops burst in.

"Greg said to them 'we'll sort it out, you blokes piss off'.

"We never left the box with any animosity."

Which is more than can be said for the combatants at Triple M.

Paul Kent leaves Triple M after blow-up

Sunday Sin Bin host Anthony Maroon walked out a fortnight ago after taking offence to allegations – made by his regular panel members - he picks up side jobs for cash.

He hasn’t been back and panellist Paul Kent is also gone, resigning after refusing to apologise to Maroon for what he considered on-air banter.

James Hooper remains after issuing an apology and we're yet to see where the fourth member of the posse, Gorden Tallis, lands.

Peters and Hartley were doing on-air blow-ups four decades ago, dominating the football ratings for 10 years.

Triple M's Gorden Tallis (pictured) speaking on-air.
Triple M's Gorden Tallis (pictured) is yet to speak out on the ordeal. (Image: Triple M)

Known as the Decibel Duo, the two went at it like cats in the sack while calling a game.

Zorba doesn't listen to Triple M and is not fully across what went down with Maroon and his former workmates, but he knows one thing.

"It's all left at the door once you walk out of the commentary box or studio," he said

"I don’t know their relationship (at Triple M) so it would be hard for me to comment, but obviously it's not as tight as Greg and I had.

"We'd have a crack at each other but I can’t think of one time where I stormed out of the studio or he stormed out, or us ever leaving with a bad word.

"We'd go to lunches together and still be out by dinner. It was water off a duck's back what happened on air."

Different time, different world.

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