Rugby league player dies three years after unexplained accident

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor
Scott Bessant has died three years after his unexplained accident. Images: Twitter

The British rugby league community is mourning the tragic death of Scott Bessant, three years after a life-changing accident that remains unexplained.

The 37-year-old died in hospital on Thursday nearly three years after he was found with multiple injuries in 2017.

The father-of-two died after complications from pneumonia.

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The former Wales Dragonhearts player - an amateur international side - was found with serious injuries in Pentwyn Lane in Abergavenny in August 2017.

He had been drinking in the Little Crown pub in nearby Abersychan the night before.

“For over 950 days, Scott’s parents, Howard and Jackie, didn’t miss a day in visiting their son, until everything went on lockdown,” a tribute on the Wales Rugby League website read.

“Scott was due to eventually live with his sister Rachael, whose home was in the process of being adapted for his complex needs.

“There was an initial scare in April when it was thought Scott had contracted COVID-19 but last week, he went down with pneumonia and sadly lost his battle on the morning of Thursday 25th June.”

Scott Bessant’s mysterious accident

Bessant suffered multiple fractures to his skull, neck, ribs and pelvis in the accident, as well as a number of strokes in the aftermath.

However his family and authorities are still unable to explain what happened.

“We think he walked up the old line [a disused railway line], but as of yet, because nobody has been able to confirm that, we’re not sure,” Bessant’s brother-in-law Neil Chere previously told Wales Online.

“That was on his way home. It could take you about an hour to get to where he was.

“From the time he left the pub until 5am in the morning we don’t know where he was.

“All we know is that at 5am a member of the public who was going to work found him.”

Due to coronavirus measures Bessant’s family and children had been unable to visit him.

While never playing professionally, Bessant earned a trial with Super League side Celtic Crusaders but couldn’t attend when he contracted salmonella.

“Everyone at Wales Rugby League sends their sincere condolences to Scott’s family and his multitude of friends,” the governing body said in a statement.

Tributes are also flooding in on social media.