Nolan Arenado details how he's passing time without baseball: 'I miss baseball every day'

Chris Cwik
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Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado feels exactly the same way you do about not being able to enjoy baseball right now. Arenado detailed how his daily routine has changed with the season on hiatus to Marly Rivera of ESPN.

The piece details both Arenado’s normal game-day routine, and what he’s doing now with baseball gone. He’s still going to the gym with a few other players, but they are wearing gloves and sitting away from each other during hitting session. Arenado says not being able to high five them is weird.

“But it's weird. We're not high-fiving. We wear gloves. When we sit and watch each other hit, we sit far apart from each other. These are guys I trust, but you still have to take precautions. It's weird being cautious about not high-fiving or touching them.”

Arenado also talks about the frustration of life being interrupted by coronavirus. He says that while he’s doing his best to stay mentally and physically active, he can still have tough days. It doesn’t help that “there's no finish line.” Arenado says the hardest part of the hiatus.

Ultimately, though, Arenado just misses the game.

“I miss baseball every day. There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought about it. Every day I'm hopeful that we'll play ... I miss the grind, the fight, the competition. Baseball players, like a lot of athletes, are just addicted to competition. That's why we make up games to play in the offseason. That's why now we're constantly trying to compete. That's what I miss the most. You can't recreate it. There's not adrenaline that compares to facing the best in the world.”

Fans can relate to some of that. We’re all missing baseball and trying to figure out ways to pass the time without live sports. The NFL draft and “The Last Dance” have been nice distractions, but fans miss the competitiveness of real games.

The league and its players are still working out a way for baseball to return this year. While no solution has been reached yet, it’s clear both sides will do whatever is necessary to give fans real games in 2020.

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