No deal yet with Bayern Munich for Irankunda: Veart

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German giants Bayern Munich are among global powerhouses pitching to sign Adelaide United whizz kid Nestory Irankunda, his coach Carl Veart says.

But Veart says reports stating the 17-year-old Irankunda had reached agreement with Bayern were wrong.

"There is no deal been done at this stage," Veart said.

"The last conversation I had is there's still quite a few clubs throwing their hat in the ring.

"So I don't think it's going to be a straightforward decision."

FIFA regulations prevent Irankunda moving to Europe before his 18th birthday in February next year - a month after the transfer window closes.

Veart chose his words carefully about United selling the explosive winger, who was drafted into the Socceroos squad as a train-on player last March.

"There's good chance that we will, but we have still got another season at least with him," Veart said.

"The club will take its time before they make a decision.

"And I suppose Nestor has to take his time as well with his group to make sure that the next step in his career is a good one and into a place where he can keep developing."

Veart labelled Irankunda a once-in-a-lifetime talent.

"In all my time in football in Australia, I have never seen a player that has such an impact on supporters," he said.

"Every time you see him get the ball, everyone lifts in the whole stadium.

"He is is a very special player. And it's important we make sure we do everything that is right for him and for Australia and (the) future in world football."

Irankunda made another eye-catching appearance from the bench in Adelaide's 2-0 eliminational final win against Wellington Phoenix on Friday night.

"I take my hat off to him," Veart said.

"He has been very good in that he's 17 and (under) a lot of pressure - not just talk of him about where he's going to go, but pressure on him to perform every time he plays for us.

"The expectation from the fans is hard, especially on a kid like Nestor.

"So I think he has handled himself very well and we keep hoping he stays with us as long as he can because he's exciting."