'Nine long months & no improvement'

Edinburgh fan voice

As Mark Bennett’s kick hit the post, denying Edinburgh a try at the death of the game against Benetton, it felt like that was our entire campaign distilled into one single moment.

We needed to see the level of intensity the team had shown against Munster but it seemed like Wes Goosen had taken it all with him and, in his absence, it was potentially the worst we had played all season.

In the wake of such ignominious defeat, and failure to make the play-offs, the knives have been pointed in Edinburgh’s direction and almost all of the attackers have referenced the lack of bonus points as being the main problem.

To me that is a symptom of a much wider malaise that I'd call 'coherent attack strategy flu' and occasionally, but regularly porous, 'defence anxiety'.

Some will point to a disjointed start to the season but it has been nine long months and to my untrained eye there has been no improvement in that area whatsoever.

Defensively we can appear solid but too often, and when you least expect it, a hole will open and someone will run through it and score from 40 yards. See Geronimo Prisciantelli’s try for Zebre in our recent game as an example.

There have also been calls for Sean Everitt to go. That won’t happen unless he falls on his sword and I can’t see that happening either. He’ll get another go but this time there are no excuses.

Significant progress beyond a couple of meaningless bottom eight places in the league will be required and with the tough start we’ve been handed next season, it’s already starting to look like a last chance saloon.