Nicole Kidman just unveiled a super short hair transformation

nicole kidman short hair
Nicole Kidman's hair is *so* short in new roleJeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Nicole Kidman may have been both a stunning natural redhead and an iconic blonde in her long career of being the A-lister of all A-listers. But one thing we haven't seen her with much? Short hair.

Off the top of my head, I couldn't picture it shorter than those bouncy Marilyn curls in 2005's Bewitched remake (an iconic work of cinema). And then I remembered her micro bob in the pre-faux-lobotomy part of the Stepford Wives. Well, that's basically how short it is again.

The first stills of her new Amazon Prime show Expats just got released and her long Barbie locks have been chopped off into a super short blunt bob. A length we'll perhaps never get used to seeing on her but that looks gorj.

nicole kidman short hair
Amazon Prime Video

We get the best look at the hair in, what looks like, a highly emotional car ride with Nicole looking out of a rainy car window while comforting a man. Finishing just below the jawline, the tousled bob is wavy and is styled to look well... un-styled.

The only other peek at the new 'do we get is in a second snap deep in thought in a bathtub, where the hair is wet but still equally short. It feels like serious hair.

nicole kidman short hair
Amazon Prime Video

But serious hair makes sense, as it sounds like a pretty serious show. Directed by LuLu Wang, the six-part limited series is based on the internationally best-selling novel The Expatriates, telling the interesting stories of three American women in Hong Kong in 2014 brought together by a sudden family tragedy. We were wrong, it's not serious hair. It's tragedy hair.

Now, we obviously have to mention, that this could in fact be a wig. But either way, we're enjoying the transformation.

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