Nicole Kidman Helps Planet Omega Kick Off in New York

On Thursday night, Omega’s large, reflective golden astronaut sculpture from its Apollo 11 anniversary exhibition touched down New York. It proved a popular photo op inside Chelsea Factory during the opening night for the brand’s Planet Omega exhibition. As former “The Bachelorette” star Tyler Cameron got his shot, Nicole Kidman breezed past with her entourage in tow. A longtime ambassador for Omega, Kidman was headed toward the main mirrored installation, which highlights Omega watch moments spanning James Bond to the Olympics.

“I love that they’re so modern, but they’re steeped in such history,” Kidman said of Omega before taking a spin through the exhibition. The actress, naturally, had accessorized her black Balenciaga look for the evening with an Omega watch. “I’ve been all over the world with them, which is sort of unusual,” she added. “I’ve been to Saint Petersburg. I’ve been to [South] Korea. I’ve been to Geneva. I’ve been to Milan. I’ve been London. I’ve been to Australia. I’ve been to Nashville. I’ve been everywhere. And that’s rare, these days, that you have that history, because people move on so quickly.”

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Kidman’s favorite place to go with Omega isn’t a specific place, but rather, an event. “The Olympics are always the highlight — [Omega watches] are the timepieces of the Olympics,” Kidman said. “I always go, ‘Where are we going? What’s the next Olympics?'”

The answer is Paris, which will host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

“I love the swimming, because I come from a family of swimmers,” Kidman said of her favorite event to watch (and Omega, of course, has a whole Seamaster collection fit for the occasion). “There’s the theatrics to the gymnastics that I go — ‘ahhh.’ So I’m looking forward to taking my whole family this year.”

In the meantime, with the SAG-AFTRA strike over, Kidman’s ready to get back to work.

“I’m so proud of what SAG-AFTRA have done. They’ve managed to secure an unprecedented deal, which is fantastic,” added Kidman, who stars in Lulu Wang’s forthcoming series “Expats,” which premiered during the Toronto International Film Festival. “I’m grateful now that we can move on and get back to work — and get everybody’s dance cards, as I like to say, completely full.”

Other guests on hand for the opening of Planet Omega included Victoria Justice, Sean O’Pry and chef Andy Baraghani. The exhibition is open to the public through Nov. 19.

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