Nicole Kidman Confirmed There Will Be a Season 3 of 'Big Little Lies'

This is not a drill.



Someone ring the alarm, because the Monterey Five are getting back together again for another season of Big Little Lies.

On Friday, Nicole Kidman, who plays Celeste Wright and serves as an executive producer on the hit HBO show, confirmed that there will be a season 3 during a Q&A session at the CME Group Tour Championship in Naples, Florida. "I loved Big Little Lies because it sort of came along at a time in my life when I had my children and I was thinking I was going to retire," she said of the Emmy-winning show, per Deadline. "And then this situation came along, where Reese Witherspoon and I were able to produce that show and create that show. And then all of you watched it and made it a massive success."

Then, Kidman dropped a major bombshell no one saw coming. "And we will be bringing you a third one, just FYI," she teased. 



Nicole's revelation came after fans have seemingly given up hope on the prospects of a third season. After debuting as a limited series in 2017, Big Little Lies returned for season 2 two years later, ending with a cliffhanger. Since then, the cast — which also includes Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley — have gone back and forth with the idea of another season, but after the passing of the show's director Jean-Marc Vallée, who suddenly died in 2021 from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia, the door appeared to be closed for good.  

"I don't think it is [returning]," Kravitz previously said in a TikTok video last year. "We talked about doing a season three a lot and, unfortunately, Jean-Marc Vallée, our incredible director, passed away this last year and I just can't imagine going on without him." She concluded, "He really was the visionary for that show. So, unfortunately, it's done."

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