Kyrgios dishes epic burn on serial Twitter pest

Nick Kyrgios has hit back at one of his most persistent and public critics with a brutal smackdown on social media.

Australia's top-ranked player is no stranger to copping it from members of the public but the 22-year-old's patience obviously ran out when it came to one particular 'fan.'

Sen Chao, who goes by the Twitter handle @asiangamerbro, has posted a series of videos over the past weeks either having a go at Kyrgios or challenging him to a one-on-one match.

The man claims he is "better than most pro tennis players on tour" and goaded Kyrgios by saying "I hope you're not too scared #bum" in another one of his posts.

The antagonistic tactics obviously had the desired effect as Kyrgios fired back at the man, kicking off a classic social media war of words.

When Kyrgios made the light-hearted comment that he doesn't like playing on clay because he doesn't want his clothes to get dirty, the Twitter fan sensed another opportunity to pounce.

"I don't care how dirty my clothes are, I just play the game the right way," Chao posted.

More comments and more videos of Chao training and berating Kyrgios followed until the World No. 24 finally responded with the knockout blow.

Kyrgios and his Twitter troll @asiangamerbro. Pic: Twitter

"For those of you wondering, this is the man that has repeatedly called me out for the last 2 weeks, maybe I do have to be on my game," Kyrgios sarcastically posted underneath a less-than-flattering video of Chao training.

If you're wondering how much game the random fan has, watch the video at the top of the page.

One can't help but think Kyrgios's new 'admirer is trying to borrow a page from the bizarre heckler at the Australian Open this year, whose prank during the Aussie's match against Viktor Troicki gave him 15 seconds of fame.