Nick 'Carbo' Karandonis

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Nick ‘Carbo’ Karandonis loves his food, and is crazy about cars, so who knows where the nickname came from – carburettors or carbohydrates? Whatever the derivation of his name, as the only son of a loving family of third-generation Greek immigrants, Carbo can pretty much do no wrong.

Not expected to follow in the family’s successful catering business, not really expected to do much at all, Carbo devotes a great deal of his time to customising cars in the front yard, selling them, his “art”, if he can bring himself to, and generally lounging around the house.

“Carbo is an honest, straightforward guy who says what he thinks,” George says about his character. “He’s extremely loyal to his mates. You can depend on him to do anything. And no matter what, his heart is always in the right place.”

Carbo and Ben Rafter are best mates, have know each other since infants school, living next door to each and pretty much in each other’s pockets their whole lives. So the chance for Ben to move into Carbo’s house, while his parents are on an extended trip to Greece, is just too good to resist.

The place is an overstated McMansion and a regular Playboy Mansion to two single guys. The opportunity to exploit the arrangement further by taking a female lodger to provide beer-money and clean up after the pair makes it doubly appealing.

Nurse Melissa Bannon is the appointed slave, but she’s no pushover and sets about teaching the boys a valuable lesson. “Melissa coming into the house changes him,” George says. “He starts to learn women aren’t a separate race to mem. They’re equals and responsibility can be shared, especially in the kitchen!”

Throwing a beautiful girl in the mix definitely causes fireworks according to George. “They’re both single boys with a sex drive. Having an attractive girl in the house is bound to cause a little friction.”

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