'Get this man a casket': Hockey fan's cruel kiss cam prank on own girlfriend

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

A hockey fan in the US might be sleeping on the couch for a few days after playing a cruel prank on his partner on the stadium jumbotron.

The New York Islanders fan was joined by his partner for the NHL clash against the New Jersey Devils.

As is par for the course at most American sports venues, the couple eventually bobbed up on the stadium kiss cam.

After giving his partner a quick smooch, the man then turned around and got down on one knee - only to tie his shoe.

The woman got up in surprise, but then slumped back in her seat once the prank was completed.

Fortunately for her, most people on social media were taking her side.

Making matters even worse for the mystery Islanders fan was that his team lost to the Devils, 2-1, thanks to goals from P.K. Subban and Nico Hischier.

“We got away from our game of making it really hard on them,” Islanders coach Barry Trotz told the New York Post.

A New York Islanders fan has been mocked after pretending to propose to his partner on the stadium jumbotron. Picture: Twitter/Barstool Sports

“I thought we were doing a pretty good job for the first 30 minutes. We got to stay to what we do well. If there is a play to be made, make it.

“If it’s not, then let’s put it in a place where we can retrieve it or continue to possess it. I didn’t think we did that right through the whole game.”