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Which Super Bowl LI play haunts Kyle Shanahan the most?



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- How often do you think about the Super Bowl?

KYLE SHANAHAN: I mean, I think about it a lot.

You know, I think about every game in my career a lot, to tell you the truth, especially the biggest one that I've been in.

Whenever you lose a game that you think you could have won, that's tough.

And so there's not many days that go by that I don't think about it.

I'm doing all right.

I can handle it.

But I think about that a lot.

- Is there one play that you would say that you wish you dialed something up differently, or would have been able to give-- KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, there's no doubt.

The second and 10 that we got sacked on, I wish I'd dialed something up differently.

Then the next play, it was actually [INAUDIBLE] choice to Sanu.

We got right back in field goal range.

But we had a holding call delay.

So then it knocked us out some more.

And there was an incompletion on the next one.

So it's not just that.

I go through every single play in the game.

But when it comes down to it, the big one was the sack that we had on second and 10.