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'4 Downs' Denver Broncos: Plays of the Year



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KAY ADAMS: First down.

KYLE BRANDT: First down is loaded today, Kay, because we're going to go all the way back to August, our pre-season.

We have a segment, here, we do.

It's like a mock courtroom.

We all argue a different case.

And we didn't know who the Broncos' starting quarterback was going to be.

I argued for Paxton Lynch.

Nate argued for Mark Sanchez.

And Peter Schrager was that guy who said it has to be this Siemian kid.

Roll it.

PETER SCHRAGER: If you don't go with Trevor Siemian for regular season, week one, what you're telling the team is that, as an organization, we don't have a plan.

We are not stable.

We are worried that we lost Osweiler and Manning in the off-season, and we were not sure of what we had in-house.

Trevor Siemian is the argument for stability, and in the NFL today, what we need is not fireworks and flashbulbs and Sanchez and Lynch-- its stability.

NATE BURLESON: Why are you yelling man?

KAY ADAMS: It's Friday.

- Wow, that was-- KYLE BRANDT: He's got that goal.

So they go with Siemian, and here we are in the opener.

Can this guy play?

It's the defending Super Bowl champs, and sure enough, he finds CJ Anderson, who runs it in.

This was the first touchdown for Siemian.

He did throw a couple of picks, but there was a general impression he could run the offense.

He knew what he was doing, and you guys went on to win the game.

What do you remember about that night, Todd?

TODD DAVIS: That was a great night.

I think Trev did a great-- great job with his first, you know, start-up, his first, you know, official season.


TODD DAVIS: I just think he did a great job.

I know defense played well.

I remember that big play by Chris that day, where he tipped the ball and, you know, caught his own pick.


TODD DAVIS: Just playing tremendous.

I know we walked away with that win by the skin of our teeth, but it was fun.

KYLE BRANDT: All right, so let's go to week four, now, because Siemian goes down, so bring in the Lynch kid.

Big Paxton Lynch comes in.

Can he play?

He looks good, too.

Breaks the pocket.

He found Emmanuel Sanders for a touchdown.

He looks like he can play as well Emanuel Sanders does to Emanuel Sanders thing.

What did you think when the rookie came on the field?

TODD DAVIS: I thought he played well.

I mean, we have some great quarterbacks.

You know, he came and definitely showed that, you know, he has the arm, he has the leg, and, you know, he's getting the offense down.

So I'm excited-- you know, two great, young quarterbacks that are going to be great in this League.

KYLE BRANDT: Kay calls it an embarrassment of riches sometimes.

They got a lot of quarterbacks.

And I call this the best game of the year.

This was week 12-- Broncos, Chiefs, overtime.

There was misskicks.

There was long kicks.

And then the Chiefs come on, and Cairos Santos, the Chiefs' kicker, breaks your heart in a kick that no one even knew if it went in or not.

Let's look back on it.

ANNOUNCER 1: 34 yard attempt for the win.

Off the upright, and in! And in! Unbelievable game winner, Kansas City! You got to be kidding me.

ANNOUNCER 2: The only way this game could end-- holy smokes.

I didn't know what had happened.


ANNOUNCER 2: I couldn't tell did it go through or not.

KYLE BRANDT: [INAUDIBLE] the NFL, I watched you shaking your head while you're watching that clip.

What you remember about that night?

TODD DAVIS: Yeah, that was a tough one.

I feel like, you know, we had a lot of opportunities to win that game.

It shouldn't even come down to that, but it did.

And you know, I actually was waving my hands because I thought the ball didn't go through, but they-- that was a dagger for us.

KYLE BRANDT: Well, we can't get rid of first down until we do this.

It was one of the most memorable moments from the season, as far as I'm concerned.

Aqib Talib, Michael Crabtree-- we call it the Chain Snatch.

I've never seen something like this in any sport anywhere.

KAY ADAMS: Disrespectful.

KYLE BRANDT: What is your make of this?

And playing-- what's it-- playing with Aqib-- what's it like?

TODD DAVIS: I love it.

You know, he brings an intensity that nobody else can.

I think, you know, if he tells you he's going to do something, and you try to test him, he'll do it.

You know, I mean, that just shows you that he's not backing down from any challenge.

He's ready to go with anybody.

KAY ADAMS: I love the Raiders.

You guys know this.

That might be my favorite moment of the season.

- That was incredible.

NATE BURLESON: It was one of the best moments in all [INAUDIBLE].

KYLE BRANDT: So it's like-- Crabtree's like, you're not going to rip my chain off.

You're not going to rip my chain off.

Watch this-- I'm going to rip the chain off.

That's the guy [INAUDIBLE].

NATE BURLESON: It's like Debo.

You've got to tuck your chain in.

KAY ADAMS: But why's he wearing his chain on the field?

KYLE BRANDT: Hey, if you don't want it ripped, don't wear it.

- That's it.

KYLE BRANDT: That's first down.