Week 8 Fantasy Football Stats: Olave is special, Singletary is confusing and hope for the Rams

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Trying out a new format, Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don get together and come up with one interesting stat for all 32 NFL teams.

Find out why Chris Olave might be on the Justin Jefferson trajectory, how the Bengals fixed their offense, why DeAndre Hopkins’ usage was different in his first week back, who Aaron Rodgers should give his MVP Award to, what the Buccaneers offense is doing wrong, why Daniel Jones and Justin Fields are better fantasy QBs than you think and a lot more.

The guys also preview the Thursday night matchup between the Bucs and Ravens, and discuss if Baltimore’s rushing identity has returned for real and why they were forced to adjust.

05:05 Philadelphia Eagles

07:20 New York Giants

10:30 Buffalo Bills

13:30 Minnesota Vikings

15:15 Dallas Cowboys

17:45 Kansas City Chiefs

20:20 New York Jets

24:45 Tennessee Titans

26:00 Cincinnati Bengals

30:00 Los Angeles Chargers

33:00 Miami Dolphins

33:55 Seattle Seahawks

35:15 Indianapolis Colts

37:10 Los Angeles Rams

39:00 Arizona Cardinals

40:25 Atlanta Falcons

42:00 Chicago Bears

43:15 Green Bay Packers

46:25 New England Patriots

46:55 San Francisco 49ers

50:40 Washington Commanders

51:20 Las Vegas Raiders

52:20 Carolina Panthers

53:15 Cleveland Browns

54:25 Denver Broncos

56:40 Jacksonville Jaguars

57:00 New Orleans Saints

58:20 Pittsburgh Steelers

58:45 Houston Texans

59:30 Detroit Lions

60:15 TNF PREVIEW: Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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