NFL star spoils monster tip with arrogant message

One of the NFL’s most polarising characters has spoiled an incredibly generous tip with an arrogant message.

Retired wide-receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson continued his trend of giving out ridiculous tips to wait staff as he payed his bill at a Miami steakhouse.

The 40-year-old almost doubled the value of his US$140 meal by leaving a US$260 tip.

That generosity alone was sure to make the day of the hospitality staff at the venue.

Chad Johnson’s tip was incredible. Pic: Getty

However Johnson couldn’t leave it there, writing down an arrogant brag about his playing abilities at the end of the receipt.

“I once had 260 yards against the (San Diego) Chargers (I love you)”, the former Cincinnati Bengals superstar said.

Johnson then shared proof of his tip, alongside the message to Twitter, prompting all sorts of replies, from people thinking he was the most generous man on earth, and others who couldn’t wrap their heads around his arrogant message.

The hospitality staff surely weren’t worried however, as they became just one more beneficiary of Johnson’s wild spending spree.

Having earned an almost $6 million salary for six years of his NFL playing career, the dynamic receiver will have cash to splash for decades to come, even if he continues leaving the monster tips.

In February, for example, Johnson left a ridiculous $207 tip on a $61 meal.

Watch him give out that tip in the video at the top of the page.

Johnson isn’t the only athlete making hospitality staff love their job in recent times.

Cristiano Ronaldo put his tip to shame as he shocked staff at a luxury Greek resort.

According to The Sun, the new Juventus signing left a $31,500 (£17,850) tip for the hotel staff at the Costa Navarino resort in the Pelopnnese region of Greece.

“The Juve man has asked the hotel management to split the figure equally among all the workers,” The Sun reports.

Ronaldo was holidaying with family and friends after Portugal were knocked out of the World Cup in the Round of 16.