'Absolutely wild': NFL world stunned after all-time trick play

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

The struggling Miami Dolphins have pulled off one of the all-time trick plays to stun the Eagles 37-31.

With the Eagles leading 13-7 the Dolphins were facing a fourth down in front of the end zone.

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But the Dolphins opted not to kick twice, but rather go for the touchdown.

The second attempt resulted in an audacious trick play when rookie Brian Flores moved out of formation before Matt Haack threw an underarm 1-yard pass to kicker Jason Sanders.

Jason Sanders is lifted in the air as the team celebrates a trick play touchdown. (Image: Fox Sports/Getty Images)

The Dolphins ended up overcoming a 14-point deficit in the second half with three touchdowns - in the space of 13 minutes - to take the win.

But it was the stunning touchdown, which was singled out and lauded on social media after catching the Eagles defence off-guard.

Dolphins turn the corner

No one was more thankful for the Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day loss than Philadelphia Eagles fans. With the Eagles sitting at 5-6, all the team needed to do was beat the Miami Dolphins to move into a tie for first place in the NFC East.

On paper, that seemed like an easy task. At 2-9, the Dolphins have been one of the worst teams in football. Eagles fans must have felt confident about their team’s chances.

Since this is the Eagles we’re talking about, you already know what happened. The Eagles suffered an embarrassing 37-31 loss to the Dolphins in Week 13.

While the Eagles offence has been scrutinized in recent weeks, it wasn’t the issue in this game. Carson Wentz threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns. Alshon Jeffery added nine receptions for 137 yards and a score.

Instead, it was the Eagles’ defence that let them down. The Dolphins offence moved the ball at will. Ryan Fitzpatrick matched Wentz with three touchdowns. DeVante Parker could not be covered. He exploded for seven receptions, 159 yards and two touchdowns in the win.