Epic new vision proves Foles' Super Bowl genius

An awesome new video of the trick play that fooled the Patriots in Super Bowl LII proves the genius of Nick Foles.

In the vision released by 'Inside the NFL' Foles can be seen approaching head coach Doug Pederson ahead of the fourth down play and asking, "Philly, Philly?"

Reflecting his faith in his quarterback Pederson pauses before responding, "yeah, let's do it."

Just how they drew it up. Pic: Seven

The rest is history, as Foles heads to field and burns the Pats for a crucial touchdown to end the first half.

The new video was released just one day after another video of the same play proved Foles was the sole mastermind behind the stunning move.

A grainy video uploaded to Twitter by a fellow high school alumni of Foles, Sam Ehlinger, shows the pair's high school team, Westlake High School, running the exact same play.

And little wonder, it had the exact same result.

It was just one of a number of epic trick plays seen throughout the course of the NFL season.