Aussie shooter furious after 'gay' discrimination

Australian Olympic shooter Russell Mark is fuming after learning that gay couples will be allowed to share beds at the London Games while he will be prevented from rooming with his wife.

Russell and wife Lauryn were told by Australian chef de mission Nick Green that if they wanted to share accommodation they would have to leave the Olympic village and rent a hotel.

Mark told the Herald Sun that he felt discriminated against for being in a heterosexual relationship.

"The stupid part of this, which I have argued to them, is that there are tons of gay couples on the Olympic team who will be rooming together so we are being discriminated against because we are heterosexual." Mark said.

"Every couple, whether they are married or de facto should have the AOC trying to bend over backwards to accommodate their needs.

"They are pissed with my stance on sleeping tablets and what pissed them more than anything else is the photo shoot.

Mark recently spoke out against the ban on athletes using sleeping pills at the London Games, claiming that such a ban would negatively affect Australia's medal tally. Lauryn Mark appears in a photo shoot for Zoo magazine shouldering her shot-gun while wearing a skimpy green and gold bikini.

Lauryn Mark backed up her husband's claims of unfair treatment by the AOC, stating that, "There are a lot of same sex couples and its OK to be partners with someone of the same sex but if you are heterosexual you are penalised."