Lingerie Football League sexed-down

Yahoo!7 February 27, 2013, 11:45 am

The Lingerie Football League will have much of its overtly sexual trimmings removed when it launches in Australia.

In a bid to attract better broadcasters, more sponsors and credibility the garters, chokers, lace, frills and ribbons are being removed leaving the players looking more like anyone on an Aussie beach. They have even rebranded it to the Legends Football League.

The uniforms will still be skimpy but it is hoped the less sexy attire will move the focus to the skills rather than the frills.

The changes have drawn fire from fans who say if the LFL was serious about the sport and not the aesthetics then players would be fully covered.

Commentators in the US say it will kill the sport as most people go to see the lingerie rather than hang out for the result.

But LFL founder Mitchell Mortaza told the Telegraph that the change was for the players.

"There are no longer garters, there are no longer chokers, there are no straps on the shorts, and you won't see the lace on uniforms," he said.

"We've taken away any sexy female figures in and around the branding as far as the logo's concerned.

The team names in Australia will also step away from their sexualised sisters in the US who go by monikers such as Las Vegas Sin and instead be known as, for example, NSW Surge and Queensland Brigade.

Brigade assistant coach Regan Webb thinks the league will still attract big crowds.

"(We expect) up to 10,000 … I'd be happy if we had 5000 along," he said.

"Our team's got from uni students through to defence force personnel, professional sportswomen, police officers and mothers.

"I don't think anyone tried out just so they could wear frilly knickers."

"It was originally a half-time gimmick. Mitch teamed up with Hugh Heffner and had the playmates dress up and pretend to play football," he said.

"Then he turned it into actually playing league and drew sports-specific athletes.

"Mitch could probably stand to make millions if he kept the girls in lingerie but they would never be taken seriously and would probably reach saturation on their fan base.

"It's a risk (to rebrand) but he's pretty smart where he's got himself so far so he must know what he's doing."

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  1. AJN01:52pm Monday 04th March 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    We need this in every AUSSIE sporting code, think of the crowds and the TV audience; a win-win situation for every hot blooded male. A full on revival of Dad's and Sons bonding at the footy; beer, coke, meat pies and an itchy eyes

  2. watchingu03:02pm Thursday 28th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    women watch football to perve on the men, men do the opposite with womens sportr, whats wrong with that i;ve never known any body all persuasions who would not admire michangeloes statue of david. that is art. sorry about spelling sport and art cross over what this is in fact a great sport to watch, either sex, etc whatch and give it a go, great athelets playing like chapions that they are

  3. John01:05am Thursday 28th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    "Athletes" Who are you wankers trying to kid here ??

  4. John01:02am Thursday 28th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Hey, nobody's forcing them, these beauties, to go on the field and play !! Ever thought of that you self rightous bunch of holier than thou, santimonious lesbians ??

  5. John12:55am Thursday 28th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Has anyoneelse thought about arranging a hit on this muslim #$%$ scumbag areel ? This is Australia mate, you know, little America, the people you islamists hate ? We want this type of TV's !! Haven't you seen our wives ?? But NOT sexed DOWN !! And please, give it a rest, "Legends Football League" ?? Really who are they trying to kid ?? It's got nothing to do with the skills Big kev, it's about T&A mate, T&A, plain & simple, like you mate !!

  6. Areel12:10am Thursday 28th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Big Kev. Western women are filthy of the mind much like their male counterparts. You no doubt are another statistic of divorce with your flippant views of commitment. Kindest regards Areel

  7. Big Kev 13312:05am Thursday 28th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    If you have to put on a strut your stuff to get viewers then its not your football skills they'll be watching and thats a giant step back for women and their sports. Don't compromise yourselves for the sake of the crowd damn it. Work harder and harder until your skills are good enough to watch. I've coached Netball and you need to have their hunger for the win. As for Areel, at least women here have the option to like and love who they want of their own free will. I'm sure in other parts of the world they actually choose being stoned to death rather than live another day with someone like you.

  8. Areel11:08pm Wednesday 27th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Cheers Seano. I'm having login problems too. Haven't been able to get on lately. Going to bed now. Will speak later. Cheers mate Areel

  9. Seano10:33pm Wednesday 27th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    By the way, all members and blogs on Yahcrew! that haven't seen action for a week are getting purged on Friday.

  10. Seano10:32pm Wednesday 27th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I don't thik they're married Areel, or they wouldn't be dancing around all sexy like that. It's just that they can't find husbands to fornicate with, so they have to go out to sporting grounds and do their sexy dances in the feeble hope of attracting men so they can get married, because they couldn't find a man in the normal ways. It's not their fault for being bimbos. They were probably born that way.