Geale v Mundine II: Live Updates

Yahoo!7 January 30, 2013, 10:06 pm

Follow all the pre-fight build-up before we deliver an up close and personal account of Geale v Mundine II from 10.00pm (EDT). Refresh for the most recent updates.

Fight Report:

Tasmanian fighter Daniel Geale has won a unanimous points decision over Anthony Mundine to retain the
IBF Middleweight World Title.

Geale controlled the majority of the bout, pressuring Mundine with his speed and precision while the Man did well to fight through the full twelve rounds.

Mundine had a few bright moments in the fight, but was generally outworked by the fitter, faster Beale.

In a controversial end to the match, Mundine walked out of the ring upon hearing the decision to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

More to follow

Relive the live experience below:

10:04pm We move into round number six of Ammann and Aloua.

Been some bruising encounters so far. Crowd is primed for Geale v Mundine.

10:13 Rounds six and seven have been much the same. Neither fighter giving up, both lacking the strength to find a finish.

10:15 Still to come Shane Tilyard v Kimbo Slice.

Only a four round fight so Geale v Mundine isn't far away.

10:17 Slice has had an interesting path to the ring. He initially achieved fame through videos of his bare-knuckle street fights that went viral.

Slice then made waves in the MMA world fighting for Strikeforce and eventually the UFC before being dropped.

10:30 Ammann v Aloua is over. Ammann wins a unanimous decision to retain the Australian Cruiserweight title.

10:35 Up next Tilyard v Slice. Should be a short fight. These two will be looking to throw haymakers. Should be exciting!

10:39 Slice walking out now wearing a Cronulla Sharks NRL team singlet. Good man to have in your corner Sharks' fans.

10:42 Tilyard looks the bigger of the two fighters. Slice looks scarier. Here we go.

10:43 Slice coming out very hard.

10:44 Slice caught with a big counter. Tilyard can't finish. Both tangled and fall to the ground.

10:46 Action has slowed. Tilyard with his hands very low. Copping a few big shots.

10:47 Tilyard finished Round 1 with a flurry and staggered Slice. Both fighters look exhausted after three minutes.

Slice has displayed the better boxing technique so far.

10:48 Slice starts round two with a double leg takedown. Wrong sport big boy. Now both are swinging wildly. This is a brawl.

10:51 Tilyard swung wild over the top of Slice. Caught a body shot counter and fell to the ground. Slice wins by KO!!

10:52 Tilyard may have broken some ribs. He went down very hard.

10:54 Kimbo Slice: "I know I can take a lot, but I can give a lot as well"

10:56 Now for the Main Event, Geale v Mundine II. Crowd is very fired up after that huge slug-fest. With all the previous fights going long we may see a quick one here.

11:02 PM Most pundits are picking Geale to take the win here.

Fingers crossed we get a definitive result. Nothing worse the fighters blaming the judges for a loss.

11:06 PM And we're away with the glorious anthem. Organisers avoided any potential controversy by leaving Mundine and Geale in the sheds for this one.

11:09 PM Mundine first out. We're being treated to a traditional Aboriginal dance inside the ring before The Man makes his entrance.

11:13 PM Crowd reaction to Mundine was interesting. Not many cheers, or jeers for that matter. Much more enthusiastic reaction for Geale.

11:16 PM Fighter introductions now. Robert Bird to referee. And we are underway.

11:20 PM Round 1 and both fighters start the feeling out process. No one fighter starting too aggressively.

11:21 PM Geale with the higher work rate early, but both fighters are landing.

11:23 PM Tough to score the first round. Geale was more active while Mundine was looking for the counter that connected once or twice. We're in for a close encounter.

11:25 PM Round two, Geale nice and tight, very few gaps in his defence. Mundine handling the pace okay. Beale with a brief flurry. Mundine yet to establish much dominance.

11:27 PM Mundine had a few moments in round two, but not doing enough. Geale really upping the pace, looking fit, confident, and ready to go 12 rounds.

11:29 PM Into round three, Geale worked Mundine up against the corner briefly, both fighters separated after a head clash. Mundine hurt.

And Mundine warned over using the head. Beale has lifted in round three this is definitely his most dominant round.

Mundine still has a bit to offer here.

11:32 PM Into round four here and Mundine has to step it up.

Geale is landing more combinations while Mundine is just landing one or two shots. At this point Geale is hitting with more venom.

11:35 PM Good scrap in round four. Both fighters stepped it up, but once again Geale is looking the stronger, fitter fighter. Mundine had a brief but powerful flurry late. He needs to produce that sort of intensity throughout the whole round to get the win.

11:37 PM Geale with the early pressure in round five. He's slowed a bit now though, letting Mundine back into the fight slightly.

11:39 PM Geale walking with extreme confidence at the end of round five. Mundine's big right hand close, but not close enough. Geale using his speed and movement to really do damage.

11:41 PM Round six, Beale starts with pressure. Fighters tangled up and the referee warns Mundine about using the head once again. Geale starting to look for knock out punches. He doesn't look like he fears Mundine's power now.

11:43 PM Halfway through the fight and it's unlikely that Mundine has won a round here.

11:46 PM Geale needs to step in up now in round seven. He's got Mundine on the back foot. All this talk of finishing. Let's see one

11:47 PM A little strut to finish round seven for Geale. He looks fresh and firing. Mundine's defence is staying strong, but his offence is absent at this point.

11:49 PM Referee steps in briefly during round eight to give the fighters a warning. Choc's corner imploring him to 'let the hands go'. Geale matches Mundine's intensity.

11:52 PM Round nine and Geale definitely hitting with sharper shots now. Mundine starting to falter. It's like a 3-to-1 ratio of scoring shots for Geale over Mundine.

11:54 PM Mundine hanging in there and creating a 'moment' each round but he's getting punished. Geale's fitness is most impressive in this fight. He looks like he's in another gear compared to Mundine.

11:56 PM Round ten now, near on impossible to give the fight to Mundine. The Man needs a knock-out to win this one.

Geale looks like he could go twenty rounds. Starts every round strong.

11:59 PM Geale looking snappy and on target. Pressures Mundine with a few on target shots in round 10. Mundine had nothing really to offer.

12:00 AM Penultimate round, Geale keeps scoring, gets a few though, and lands a few heavy body shots. Mundine really lacking power in his punches. Crowd lifting with every clean blow on Mundine.

12:03 AM Geale with an slip that gets the crowd excited. But he just keeps coming. Too much pace, strength and endurance for Mundine.

As we move into the final round it looks all but over.

12:05 AM Geale really throwing leather in the final round. Definitely looking for the finish. Mundine surviving.

12:07 AM Big finish to round twelve, and to the fight. Both boxers going at it hard. We haven't seen a KO, but we have seen an excellent fight.

12:09 AM We're headed to a decision. But I think we all know the result.

A little bit of reconciliation between the two at the end. Nice to see them half hug it out.

12:12 AM Scores taking a while. Crowd booing. Forget the calculator did we?

12:14 AM Geale given a unanimous points decision victory. Well deserved.

And Mundine just ran off!

Yep, that's it Mundine is out of the ring, and presumably out of the stadium!

12:20 AM Geale happy with the result, saying we wished he could have put Mundine away, but credited Choc's defence.

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  1. old timer09:39am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Mundine is half white and half black...nothing wrong with that, but he doesn't like white people so give yourself an uppercut also converted to to islam, nothing wrong with that but seeing you don't like Australia go find yourself an islamic country to live in and we'll all be happy......... well done Mr Geale you a true champion and a true gentleman, i hope your daughter enjoy's her first day at school.

  2. Weatherman12:59am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Mundine never mentions the likes of Lionel Rose, Larry Corowa, Cathy Freeman, Evonne Goolagong or Tony Mundine for that matter, he considers himself a better man and athlete than any other Australian of any ethnicity...better than his father too. Geale is a credit to his family and himself, knocked over a few great fighters to get that belt too.

  3. Gary12:59am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    maybe now the media will stop giving lip service to this egotistical idiot.mudine is blight on australia and the koori people and we are better off without him.just shows the severe lack of character mundine has by walking out like that but that is what you expect from the "man"or should i say skirt!!!!!!

  4. Steven12:54am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I reckon it couldve also been the bubble gum that mundane was blowing that made his lose. He probably sucked it too much air......causing a bubble to form in his brain which led to an aneurism.....and some mild form of stroke. Nah thats all just garbage. Mundine is just #$%$

  5. Paul Of Sth Australia12:51am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Mundine had speed. But NO real CHIN....He unfortunately inherited that from his dad. Shame he didn't also get Tony's class!............But by God I would love to have seen Mundine take a right from Pavlik. Espe cially the one he nailed José Luis Zertuche with in 2007.....Jermain Taylor would have destroyed Mundine because he could hit and he had great speed.

  6. BG12:51am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Over rated, over paid loud mouth. I remember Lionel Rose, he was a true gentleman, respected and loved by all. He did not need to hide behind racist vilification such as you spew out. Your father was a better man and boxer than you could ever be. A quiet man, well respected and a true sportsman, not a racist who hides behind his PARTIAL ABORIGINALITY.

  7. Steven12:48am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    thats a aint smart at all.....and he hasnt worked out anything. a loss is still a loss and for someone as self gratifying as mundine he wouldve HATED tonights outcome. he has no strength and no power. he is weak, poorly educated....and a waste of life.

  8. BG12:46am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    OVER RATED POMPOUS FART. Good management though, they always picked past it fighters or up and coming novices as Geale was when they last fought. Now gob shite, who's THE MAN, not the smelly breath, bubble blowing self glorifying racist pig. Trying to hide behind your part aboriginality doesn't cut it for most, certainly not me. I recall a real gentleman of the ring who was a 100% indigenous Australian and he made us feel proud. His name was Lionel Rose. I suppose now that your loud mouthed bully boy days are finished, I wish, most likely you will try to return to the sport that made you. Oh, by the way, Sonny Bill is twice the man you are, his only failing is that you got into his ear.

  9. The Old Man12:43am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    He was robbed! It's all a conspiracy. Airheads don't lose! They blame others.

  10. Tony Hogben12:42am Thursday 31st January 2013 ESTReport Abuse thoughts entirely, could not have said it better myself...