Bolt used girlfriend's butt as Olympics motivation

Yahoo!7 January 7, 2013, 11:01 am

Olympics gold medal-winning sprinter Usain Bolt has revealed what inspired him during his successful London Games campaign - his girlfriend's backside.

Prior to Bolt's record-breaking run in the 100m final Megan Edwards texted a snap of her behind to the fastest man alive along with the message, "Think of my bum at the finish line lol", reports The Sun.

Edwards, 22, an office worker from Kent, met Bolt when modelling the Jamaican Olympic kit and the pair stayed in touch.

Perhaps thinking it rude not to respond, Bolt, 26, reportedly replied to her text saying, "I can do that."

But it did not end there. As congratulatory texts bombarded Bolt after he clocked in the blistering time of 9.63 seconds, it is believed he then replied to Edwards, "I was thinking of ur ass."

Consumed by the image of Edwards' derriere Bolt requested another image from her prior to his 200m final.

"Need a pic for the 200m more motivation to go fast," he texted.

Despite being unsuccessful that time, he persisted before the Jamaicans took to the track in the 4x100m final.

"Need another pic that will win me a world record," Bolt asked.

Edwards reportedly sent the sprinter (who was abstaining from sex during the Games) another picture which again seemed to motivate Bolt as the relay team claimed gold.

"Usain and I texted each other all the time and we had lots of fun but that’s all I’m willing to say," Edwards told The Sun about their relationship.

The couple began dating after the Games but the strains of a long distance affair were too great and they separated in December.

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  1. 10:00am Wednesday 09th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Wiping tears from my eyes, still laughing......LOL

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