Tony Hawk attacked for taking his four-year-old daughter on skateboard without a helmet

Cameron Smith | Prep Rally, Yahoo!7 December 20, 2012, 9:49 am

Tony Hawk is arguably the greatest skateboarder of all time. His son, Riley Hawk, is also now a professional skateboarder.

Hawk’s youngest daughter, Kadence, is not a professional skateboarder -- at least not yet -- so her Dad sometimes takes her along for brief joy rides on his board in his backyard concrete skating paradise. For a 4-year-old, that’s a pretty cool ride.

After one recent outing, Hawk posted photos of himself swinging Kadence from his board as they neared the lip of his backyard park’s bowl on the social media site Instagram, via Twitter. The 4-year-old looks thrilled with the ride, but drew scorn from a number of followers because neither she nor Hawk were wearing a helmet.

As news of the helmet-less rides spread across social media, Hawk came under siege on Twitter. The most scathing of the comments ran something like this:

'Crash, split, blood! Put a helmet on her, moron!'

Hawk responded the following day with another photo of himself riding with Kadence, along with a brief note defending his parenting.

Tony Hawk and his 4-year-old daughter Kadence in Hawk's backyard — InstagramTony Hawk and his 4-year-old daughter Kadence in Hawk's backyard — Instagram

“One more from yesterday,” Hawk tweeted, including the picture you see directly above. “For those that say I endanger my child: it's more likely that you will fall while walking on the sidewalk than I will while skating with my daughter.”

As noted by other sources, this isn’t the first time that Kadence’s image has appeared online. In fact, it isn’t even the first time she’s had an online cameo this month. In early December, Hawk posted a photo of Kadence duct taped to a wall with a caption reading “This is what happens when my kids fight over video games.”

Odd parenting? Sure. Effective? It’s far too soon to know. Still, to this point Kadence has yet to be injured while riding with her father on a skateboard, or while being taped to a wall. If she ends up becoming as successful as her half-brother Riley in the action sports world, she and her father might even have the last laugh.

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  1. 04:02pm Sunday 23rd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    you know tony hawk's placed these photos on the internet himself, so what was he after? and if he is going to post photos to get a reaction then how can everybody winge ( including tony hawk's) when he gets that reaction wheather it be in his favour or not. why dont you all wake up, he got exatly what he was publicity!!!!!!now weather the spelling or grammar is correct or not why dont you fools realize he is just trying to keep his name in the media spot light and using a social networking site to do it and all you hero worshiping fools have fallen right in, how good is a persons parenting skills when their answer to children fighting over a video game is to tape one of them to a wall, wow that teaches conflict resaloution in a big all you wankers can pay out on me like you have by taking things out of context and not reading a whole post or just ignoreing the parts you can not argue with, i really do not care because in the long run none of you mean squat to me and i like everybody else i am intitled to my veiws and the more i get to know about this wanker the more i belive he is a very poor parent indeed, if he can not stand the heat let him leave the kitchen or dont post photos and not expect people to respond and comment in both the positive and the negetive and PUT SOME SHOES AND A HELMET ON YOUR DAUGHTER WHILE PLAYING IN A CONCRETE SKATEING BOWL GOOD ENOUGH FOR TONY TO WHERE SHOES BUT NOT HIS 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, now before you all attack my comments just spend a day over christmas in a hospital casualty ward and see the effects of head trauma to a small child who was not wearing a helmet because there idol was not wearing one and they just wanted to be like them, because the effects can not only change a childs life for good but the whole families as well. weather he likes it or not tony hawk's with his public image comes hero worship and for better or worse he is a roll model to these people and they will copy their idols to the utmost and not everybody has the skills nor as some would have you belive are as infalable as tony to all those that wanted to judge me and tell me about my life.....immature morons you dont know #$%$ about me but you try to assume you do and make comments like "stay on the porch "and "feed them junk food to keep them quite" and the rest of the rubbish, all you are doing is showing how stupid you really are i am not in the media spot light nor do i want to, be but if i were and i was stupid enough to post photo's from my own PRIVATE back yard whatever, i would not winge when everybody did not agree with me.i will finish by telling you all just a little about me and my child, i started teaching him boxing and martial arts from the age of 5 and yes i made him wear head gear and a mouth guard every time he spared he is now 28 ( with all his own teeth and no head trauma) and has black belts in 6 different styles and he has third and fourth degree black belts in four of them that is what dedication and training seven days a week gets you, i also brought him up to belive in himself and his abilitys and not to take unnessay risks but to push the boundries all the time because that is how you succed in life and also too eat right and be tollerant of others because we are all different i also tought him not to judge people untill he new their story first. so if tony hawks wants to put himself in the spotlight don't conplain when the light is to hot. at 55 i will put my fitness and healthy lifestyle up against anyones and i dont have to be the best skateboard rider in the world to do it.

  2. adam04:36pm Saturday 22nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Thank you フランク Was about to reply.... Going to the Mall ?... Wear a Helmet... Walking across the road ?... Wear a Helmet ... Playing in the park ?...Wear a Helmet ... Riding a horse ?... Wear a Helmet ... Going to a carnival to ride the Ghost train, Whizzer, Roller coaster ?...Wear a Helmet ... Going to a Birthday party to play in the Jumping castle ? ... Wear a Helmet ... Climbing a Ladder ? ... Wear a Helmet ... Playing Football ? ... Wear a Helmet In fact... what ever you do ... Wear a Helmet.. Don't leave the house without one... Just in case

  3. フランク01:53pm Saturday 22nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Brad.....I guess that means that if you wear a seat-belt on a bus then the bus is a helmet!!!! How fuckn' ridiculous!!

  4. 06:37am Saturday 22nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    what a mob of hero worshiping wankers.........

  5. Derek11:09pm Friday 21st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    cry about it fgts

    2 Replies
  6. MaidenD09:10pm Friday 21st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    It's tony hawk, she is in safe hands.

  7. Lewis2Langer06:09pm Friday 21st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    U S A is so gay

  8. DOLLARS01:57pm Friday 21st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    #$%$ me! When will people stop sticking their smelly noses into other peoples business - his kids his rules. Now go back to using junk food to keep your #$%$ kids quiet while you drain society of air sitting on your fat unemployed obese #$%$ complaining about everyone else.

  9. slobby Don09:59am Friday 21st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Obama was a worthy winner of Time Mag Person of the year. Remember Adolf Hitler was also a winner of Time Mag Person of the Year in 1938.

  10. John08:16am Friday 21st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    First of all, some of these responders might want to place more concern on improving their own spelling and grammar before spending any time attacking anyone else! My Dad used to let me 'drive' when I was 4 (back in '64) no seatbelt! If we'd had a collision he would have extruded me like toothpaste through the spokes of the steering wheel. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Raised my kids that way as well. It would do some people a lot of good to take more risks in life and model that example before their children. We all have the right to 'fly' any way we see fit - and that includes how we raise our kids. All the 'Ground-Huggers' out there should just mind their own damned business! You go ahead and stay on the porch. Nobody moves- nobody gets hurt...