Gruesome injury after errant golf shot

Yahoo!7 December 14, 2012, 11:46 am

Professional volleyball player Morgan Miller, wife of Olympic gold medalist and world champion Bode Miller, suffered a gruesome injury after her husband hit her with 'a line drive to the face'.

The two were enjoying a spot of golf when something went seriously wrong on course. Miller tweeted about the accident and posted the particularly gruesome pic.

"I'm not feeling so hot. Line drive to the face today with a golf ball from my darling husband. I still love", Miller said.


Miller later tweeted sunglasses company Kaenon thanking them for saving her eye.

"A huge thank you @Kaenon By absorbing a 160mph line drive I only got 50+ stitches instead of losing my eye #lucky".


Morgan Miller is also a part-time model (see below) so this injury might have cost the Miller family more than just a trip to the hospital and a pair of sunnies.


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  1. John says01:14pm Saturday 15th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    It would be better if Jones found a nice rock to and hide under - you're rude, crude and disgusting! Go Away!

  2. The Skud06:37pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Moral to the story: "Never stand in front of, or beside, any golfer while he/she is anywhere near a golf ball" You can be sure an errant shot will occur.

  3. slobby Don05:24pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I Rang 1800F_C_HEAD & you didnt answer

  4. slobby Don05:23pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

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  5. slobby Don05:14pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

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  6. John05:02pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Serously its freaking.... How would that happen to a beauty like that.. its just kind of sick..

  7. slobby Don04:24pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    John says, I agree, this poor girl ticked the " I Am Aboriginal" box on her dole card & this is Gods result. Every thing happens for a reason. Just ask Adolf the great about his final solution. Next time your dole card asks if you are Aboriginal, Tick NO if your not & you will live in peace.

  8. John says04:12pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Wow ... whoever you are slaking this poor girl - I can't imagine how truly unhappy you must be. How can you be so revoltingly nasty towards someone who's sustained such injuries? I feel sorry for you!

  9. Rowena L04:03pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    She did stay at the back... but her hubby hit the ball in reverse... nyaahahahaaa. ;)

  10. Robert03:55pm Friday 14th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Great body love to lie net to that at night.