Crackers' Call - AFL dragging heels

Sportal November 12, 2012, 10:51 am

Everybody in the sporting world is talking about Racing Victoria and their handling of Damien Oliver amid allegations he backed a winner in a race in which he rode a different horse.

Nothing seems to be happening.

Maybe the whole sporting administration has been infected with a go-slow virus because the AFL have yet to do anything with Melbourne or Adelaide and they certainly took their time with handing down their findings about Lachlan Hansen.

And of course we don't know what's happening with Heath Scotland and what penalty he will face after he was recently found guilty of assault.

Football followers need leadership.

I was talking to a few Melbourne premiership players over the weekend and, to a man, they all said that if these allegations prove to be true they are absolutely appalled.

One bloke said 'I played for the Demons for more than 10 years and worked my guts out every game I played, it was hard going near the finish of my career but I still tried every week'.

If Melbourne's case is proved then heads have got to roll because they have brought the game into disrepute.

And the same goes Adelaide.

The integrity of the game just has got to be protected at all times.

Rules are put in place, not just for players but also for administrators, and these rules should not be manipulated in any shape or form.

The Melbourne committee shouldn't have any hesitation in sacking any employee that has tampered with the rules and the spirit of the game, unless of course they were just as culpable.

Either way there has to be a clean out.

Melbourne Football Club is a very proud club with great traditions but if this is true it is absolutely destroying their brand with their supporters and the wider football public.