New vision emerges of 7ft7 teen's incredible high school season

Towering Romanian teenager Robert Bobroczky is dominating his high school basketball season at Spire Academy in Ohio.

The seven-foot-seven (231cm), 93 kilogram giant first rose to attention as a 7-foot-1 12-year-old, but now with a more balanced frame, he is starting to really hit his straps.

Highlight tapes from Bobroczky's seasons as both a 15 and 16-year-old have already gone viral, but his most recent efforts are some of his most impressive yet.

The young star, who's currently the tallest European basketball player in the world, has improved his passing and shooting skills greatly since joining training facility SPIRE institute, near his high school in Cleveland.

Bobroczky towers over his high school opponents. Pic: Facebook/Spectrum Sports

But the most important change he's made has been with his weight, something he's struggled with as a youngster.

Although Bobroczky has had a favourable mismatch against most of his high school opponents, he's struggled to develop enough muscle mass to support his crazy frame.

But now, with the help of athletic trainers, the young Romanian is filling up with protein and meal replacement shakes to gain a more balanced frame.

Spire sports director Bobby Bossmen described some of the ways trainers are trying to build up Bobroczky's frame.

"We do weight training to harden his core and he’s also in the pool three times a week with our trainers strengthening muscle groups," Bossmen said.

"He eats three meals a day along with protein and meal replacement shakes. The main thing is ensuring we give him enough calories in his diet, and we’re in the adaptive stage to see how his body responds"

Earlier in the year, the young giant described what his main goals were.

"I'm mostly trying to get my body stronger and better," Bobroczky said.

"I'm eating 4,000 calories per day and want to weigh between 220-230 pounds by the end of this season.

"I'm also working on my speed, mobility and every part of my game."

Bobroczky's incredible shape has led him to be the subject of a number of medical studies during his life.

At this point his size has been deemed as being completely down to genetics, rather than a hormonal imbalance.

Bobroczky gets his height from his dad, who's 7-foot-1 and played for the national Romanian team.

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