New Patriots kicker explains tattoo, says he's not in a far-right militia group

Remember kids, tattoos are permanent.

When the New England Patriots drafted Marshall kicker Justin Rohrwasser, there was a controversy over one of his tattoos and speculation it meant he supported a far-right militia group, the Three Percenters.

Rohrwasser isn’t a little-known kicker at Marshall anymore. He’s replacing Stephen Gostkowski, who was the Patriots kicker for 14 seasons. He’s with one of the marquee teams in the NFL.

When he was asked to explain his tattoo, he said he thought it was for military support and he will cover it.

Previously, Rohrwasser had said his tattoos were random.

Whether it’s a mistake or something else, Rohrwasser might want to use one of his first NFL checks to cover it if he wants the controversy to fade.

Justin Rohrwasser was in the middle of some controversy after the Patriots drafted him. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

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