Nelson Mandela memorial vandalised in 'hate crime' attack

Stone in lake
The memorial, which is still under construction, features 32 cylindrical stoneworks

A memorial to Nelson Mandela in Liverpool has been vandalised in what police are treating as a hate crime.

The memorial, which takes the form of an outdoor classroom, has had feature stones chipped and one pushed into a nearby lake.

Racist graffiti has also been written on the memorial, which was unveiled by Mr Mandela's family in July.

Sonia Bassey of Mandela8 charity said the attack showed "work is still needed to tackle racism".

The memorial garden, in Liverpool's Princes Park, features a bridge and pavilion and 32 cylindrical stoneworks inscribed with Nelson Mandela's quotes.

Racist graffiti on stone
The attack saw stones damaged and racist graffiti written on them

The site, located on an island in the park, is designed as an educational space "to teach people how to love each other not hate each other," Ms Bassey said.

He added: "It is sad to see that in this day and age racism is still alive and kicking.

"For somebody to actually desecrate a memorial to Nelson Mandela in that way speaks volumes about who they are and why it is so important that our work continues" she said.

Merseyside Police said the force "will not tolerate hate crime in any form and is working to identify and bring to justice anyone found responsible for committing a hate crime".

Anyone with information is asked to contact the force.

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