Neighbours stars respond to bombshell wedding storyline

Major Neighbours spoilers follow from the show's return episode, which is available to stream now on Amazon Freevee. Readers who haven't seen the episode yet may prefer to avoid these storyline details.

Neighbours stars Ryan Moloney and Rebekah Elmaloglou have spoken about their characters' surprising new relationship for the first time.

The Australian soap has launched its new season with a major twist, as Toadie Rebecchi and Terese Willis were seen preparing to tie the knot in Monday's return episode (September 18).

Neighbours' big twist comes as part of a bold two-year time jump, as life on Ramsay Street has dramatically changed since Toadie tied the knot with Melanie Pearson in the "final ever" episode in 2022.

ryan moloney as toadie rebecchi in neighbours
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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media about the storyline, Ryan laughed: "I do like the serendipity of it – finishing with a wedding and starting with a wedding. I think it's really good and clever. I think the shock value of it is really good as well.

"We can't have this be a gimmick – it has to be really good and really believable. People have got to buy into the fact that these two people are a really good couple. We've done a lot of work on creating that and I think we've done a fantastic job.

"If we can get people saying, 'Oh, at first I wondered if this was going to work, but now I actually like it better' then job done. It's about doing a really good job and taking the audience on this ride."

Explaining the backstory, Ryan continued: "Paul screwed Terese over and she was really, really hurt. Melanie screwed Toadie over and he was really, really hurt too! They became really great friends throughout that, supporting each other. Then they just started to fall for each other, throughout those moments of support and love.

ryan moloney as toadie rebecchi and lucinda cowden melanie pearson
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"I hadn't realised but they tick each other's boxes. Toadie is always trying to save people, but for the first time ever he's got this powerful woman who he doesn't have to save at all, who is completely capable.

"So in that aspect he is just able to love her, have fun with her, lighten up and enjoy life.

"For Terese, she's always been with somebody who she can never trust or believe. So now she gets somebody who just genuinely loves her and she can trust."

Rebekah admitted that she was shocked when Neighbours bosses first informed her about the twist.

rebekah elmaloglou as terese willis in neighbours
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Terese reunited with Paul in the July 2022 finale, but in future episodes, viewers will discover how and why their relationship didn't work out.

Rebekah told us: "In the last seven months I've been living up north in New South Wales, in a country town. I got a call from my agent saying: 'They want to fly you down for some meetings'.

"My first meeting was with the producers and they sat me down. [Executive producer] Jason Herbison said that he flew me down because he wanted to see my face. They basically wanted to tell me in person – and he got exactly the reaction he was hoping for!

"It really got me. I was just like: 'Whaaaaat? Oh my God'. Then they were like: 'Okay, you're off to a wedding dress fitting'. Again I was like: 'Whaaaat!'

"I guess it's sunk in. It wasn't until we started working together and realised that actually this is quite good and working quite well. It seems okay!"

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