NBA team's incredible gesture after no one shows up to boy's birthday party

The Phoenix Suns NBA team have gone above and beyond for a heartbroken six-year-old whose classmates ditched his birthday party.

A photo of little Teddy went viral on Tuesday after his mum shared a picture of her son’s heartache after he learned none his friends were coming to his sixth birthday party.

Teddy handed out invitations to 32 of his classmates to last weekend’s party at a pizza restaurant, but none of the children showed up.

The boy’s mother posted a picture to Facebook of a heartbroken Teddy surrounded by pizza and two rows of empty table settings at the restaurant in Tucson, Arizona.

Poor Teddy. Image: Sil Mazzini/Facebook

Teddy’s mum told Fox News she had made 32 goodie bags for him to hand out to his classmates with an invitation to his party, and she even spoke to some of the children’s parents who said their children would come.

But in a heartwarming development, two professional sporting teams have stepped in to cheer Teddy up.

The heartbreaking picture caught the attention of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Rising soccer team, who offered the birthday boy free tickets to celebrate with them at upcoming games.

The Suns welcomed Teddy and his family to watch Wednesday’s game (local time) against the LA Lakers, while Rising’s vice president said Teddy will be at Friday’s game.

Faith in humanity restored.