NBA team mocked for special 'Pi Day' jerseys

You have to hand it to the NBA – their teams are never afraid to try something different.

Sometimes their plans are brilliant, others prompt mockery from unrelentingly savage basketball fans on Twitter.

The Detroit Pistons found themselves in the latter category on Thursday, US time, when they unveiled special jerseys to celebrate ‘Pi Day’.

The Detroit Pistons have won praise and mockey in equal measure for their ‘Pi Day’ jerseys. Picture: Twitter/@DetroitPistons

Pi, the mathematical constant represented by the number 3.14159 (etc.), also happened to be represented by the date on Thursday – at least, with the month in front, as 3/14.

The Pistons decided to have a bit of fun with this, replacing the first two letters of their team name with ‘π’.

Love it or loathe it, you can’t say the team isn’t up for trying something new.

Unfortunately, the Pistons didn’t have a game scheduled on Pi Day, meaning fans missed out on seeing the likes of Thon Maker take to the court in the one-off strip.

And while some fans, presumably big fans of maths homework, loved the idea, others weren’t so sure.